Team Extension

Extend the strength of your team and amplify your project's potential.​

We seamlessly integrate our skilled professionals into your existing team. This collaborative approach offers strategic collaboration, customized expertise, enhanced efficiency, agility in scaling, and cost-effective solutions for your project success.

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Team Extension

Dedicated Teams

Partner with our agile team of tech experts to shape your digital vision into reality. From idea to deployment, our dedicated teams seamlessly integrate with yours, ensuring a synchronized and efficient development journey.

IT Staff Augmentation
The Main Advantages Of

Team Extension

Access to Diverse Expertise
Flexible Scaling
Cost-Efficient Resource Allocation
Accelerated Project Timelines
Mitigation of Skill Gaps

Access to Diverse Expertise

Tap into a diverse pool of skilled professionals spanning various roles, from developers and designers to project managers and QA specialists.

The Process

Of Deliver Them


Project Discovery

By diving deep into your project needs, goals, and required skills, together, we create a detailed plan outlining what's needed for success.


Expert Profiling

Using our network, we find specialists tailored to your project. We match skills, experience, and qualifications to fit your project perfectly.


Candidate Selection

We evaluate candidates, analyzing their qualifications and experience. Following this process, we present you with detailed CVs of the top matches.


Interview Support

We help facilitate interviews with shortlisted candidates, giving you all the support and guidance you need, to make well-informed decisions.


Decision Making Together

We work closely with you to make decisions. Whether you want to be fully involved or leave it to us, our aim is to ensure the best fit for your project.


Smooth Integration

After selecting your preferred candidates, we manage their onboarding, ensuring a seamless transition with all necessary documentation provided.

What We Offer


Your Key Role

What we need from you

The Benefits of

Team Extension

Transparent Collaboration

Foster clear communication and shared goals among extended team members, we ensure an aligned project understanding.

Dedicated Commitment

Supplementing your team with skilled professionals, we ensure project success through collective efforts.

Open Innovation Environment

Creating a collaborative space where ideas flow freely, we foster innovation and effective problem-solving.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Infusing innovative thinking into team collaboration, we drive project excellence with fresh approaches.

Proactive Involvement

Anticipating project needs and addressing challenges with a forward-thinking approach, we contribute to project growth.

Flexible Augmentation

Adapting your team based on project requirements, we ensure optimal resource utilization and adaptability.

FAQ - Team Extension

What is a Team Extension Service?

A Team Extension Service is like adding extra power to your squad! We bring in our skilled professionals to join forces with your team, making sure your projects shine.

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Can I choose the professionals for my extended team?
How is communication facilitated within the extended team?
What measures are taken to ensure the security of my project during Team Extension?
Is Team Extension suitable for short-term projects?
How does billing work for Team Extension Services?
Can the extended team work in different time zones?
What sets your Team Extension Service apart from others?