Product Discovery & Idea Mapping​

This isn't your typical software development warm-up; it's a strategic powerhouse.​

We don’t just dip our toes; we dive deep to understand your goals, define clear requirements, and create a reliable roadmap. With a focus on transparency, collaboration, and risk management, we transform uncertainties into opportunities, ensuring your journey is straightforward.

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Product Discovery & Idea Mapping



Strategic Vision

Forge a unified strategic vision, aligning stakeholders and driving project clarity.

The Process

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Stakeholder Identification

During this initial stage, we identify the essential stakeholders from both the client and vendor sides. This step is crucial to ensure the success of a project.


Defining Objectives and Scope

We prioritize understanding project goals thoroughly. Once requirements are clear, the client must approve a software requirements specification (SRS).


Technical Analysis

The team conducts in-depth research on existing IT infrastructure and architecture, including functionality, dependencies, and QA practices.


Technology, Team, & Methodology Selection

We meticulously choose the appropriate tools, assemble a skilled team, and determine the project management approach along with associated metrics.


Cost Estimation & Risk Management

To ensure project success and accurately estimate costs, we create a Work Breakdown Structure as part of the discovery phase deliverables.


Deliverable Handover

Finalizing and delivering project outcomes marks this concluding stage. This signifies a successful completion for both the client and vendor.

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Product Discovery & Idea Mapping​

Transparent Collaboration

Beyond preliminaries, it's a commitment to collaboration. We openly share information, fostering an environment where your ideas are valued and collaboration thrives.

Client-Focused Flexibility

Our proactive approach is the key. We are committed to client-focused flexibility, ensuring efficient resource utilization and providing peace of mind.

Tailored Solutions

With a foundation built on entrepreneurship and flexibility, we embark on a journey to craft tailored technology solutions that align with your core values and needs.

Innovative Solutions

Our service is dedicated to crafting tailored technology solutions that exceed expectations, while staying updated on industry trends.

Strategic Commitment

With transparent collaboration, innovative solutions, and client-focused flexibility, our service is tailored to align with your strategic goals.

Exceeding Expectations

At Magneticca, we not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring your project's success through our proactive approach.

FAQ - Product Discovery & Idea Mapping​

What is the Product Discovery & Idea Mapping service, and why is it crucial for my project?

Our Product Discovery & Idea Mapping service is a dynamic process that lays a solid foundation for your project. Through collaborative brainstorming, strategic planning, and transparent communication, we ensure your project not only meets but exceeds expectations. This phase is vital as it aligns stakeholders, defines objectives, and sets the project's direction.

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